Disability, Diversity and Inclusion awareness training for workplaces

Workplace Training Day

An ideal opportunity to empower workplace teams with the knowledge and awareness on disability and inclusion, using sports as a tool. Conventional classroom-based training usually provides a good base but can be quite mundane. Through our workshop, learners will receive new information in an unconventional, educational and engaging way.  Using disability sports as a platform

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Disability Awareness School Workshops

School Workshops

An exciting workshop bringing disabled and non-disabled pupils together with teachers, to raise awareness around disability equality, creating a more inclusive environment.  Aimed at primary/ secondary schools and further education establishments/colleges, the session will provide a fun, interactive environment for all using disability sports, whilst also being thought provoking.  The workshop would introduce Wheelchair Basketball

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Purchase Low-cost multisport wheelchairs

Low cost sports wheelchair

The Multisport low-cost wheelchair £530 / $806 / €756 (excluding delivery and VAT) Are you looking to buy a low-cost multisport wheelchair for playing Wheelchair Basketball and Wheelchair Tennis? Get spare tyres and other sports start-up kits and free coaching hours complimentary through us.We can also explore discounts for bulk purchases. Contact us or call 07940967723

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