Challenge Life Unconscious Bias Training

Our bespoke unconscious bias training package aims to address the root cause of
bias through the exploration of the underlying psychology behind it. We all have
biases and we explore this through 1-1 coaching, group sessions and workshops
tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Our course content typically includes but is not limited to the following:
– The concept and drivers of unconscious bias
– Relationships between unconscious bias, stereotypes, perceptions and
– Managing effects of unconscious bias
– Promoting an inclusive culture within the organisation

Upon completion of this training, participants will be equipped with a number of
tools to assist unbiased decision-making and will have an increased awareness of
unassuming and acceptable modes of communication and interaction.

Research has shown that poor attitudes towards diversity and inclusion are often driven by unconscious bias. Overcoming this will therefore help promote your organisation as a mature, credible and inclusive place to work.